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KELKEYZ: Producer of the Week

Hey everybody, welcome to the second installment of Producer of the Week, where I take a producer and tell you guys about them and expose you to their music.

This week's producer is KelKeyz (Kelwin Reyes)

About KelKeyz

KelKeyz is a 23 year old Puerto Rican producer based out of Providence. Kel's interest in music goes all the way back to when he was 12 years old. He was first introduced to music through his church. It was here that he learned how to play various instruments including piano, drums, guitar and bass. Fast forward to 2013, its Kel's senior year and for his senior project he decided to choose music production as his topic. With already having a background in playing instruments, Kel's mind was opened to a whole new world or opportunities. After passing with flying colors on his senior project, he knew that there was no time to slow down, he had to go full throttle.

KelKeyz wants to use his production and his music background to inspire and empower the producer community by posting beats as well as funny sketch skits based around producing music.

"My main goal is to be a asset for upcoming producers, create hits with big and upcoming artist, and spread positivity through my music."

Now a proud dad, and a beat battle title under his belt, Kelwin looks towards his bright future with eagerness and excitement.

KelKeyz Style

KelKeyz uses different influences from different genres of music in his own music. He likes to make a fusion of Trap and Reggaeton music that is sure to get you moving, and he also likes to create hypnotic EDM tracks that are sure to grab your attention.

Advice from KelKeyz

"Never give up on your dreams, be original, be consistent, and be real! If your all of those things and have great music on top of that your destined for greatness! Always network as much as you can! The beginning will be tough but life ain’t easy and you gotta fight through it!"

KelKeyz Links

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