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Levy Beats: Producer of the Week

Hey everybody, welcome to the seventh installment of Producer of the Week, where I take a producer and tell you guys about them and expose you to their music.

This week's producer is Levy Beats.

About Levy

Mark Levesque (Levy Beats) is a 22 year old producer based out of Milton, New Hampshire. Levy's interests in music stems back to his childhood days starting at 9 years old when he started to play the drums. He continued to play the drums throughout grammar school and into high school which is when he started hearing music in different ways. He would hear songs and have ideas on how they could become better or a different direction the songs could be taken. Levy decided to act on these thoughts and began making remixes to his favorite songs. He found great enjoyment out of doing this and decided to take making music more seriously by starting to make his own original music as well as remixes. Levy's goals with music are simple and humble.

"I really have no specific goals with music. I just want to work with people that are inspired by my music and want to make true art with them. If it takes off it takes off. Take it day by day."

Levy's Style

Levy likes to produce hip hop music with either samples or dark trap undertones, but is always open to create music that he feels is right in the moment. Levy provides smooth and intricate drum patterns that create a quite exceptional bop that is sure to get your head moving. He takes inspiration from Metro Boomin and Oshi.

"My main inspirations are Metro Boomin and Oshi. Metro for the way he samples and Oshi just because he has a sound that I have never heard. They both got me inspired to produce."

Levy's Advice

"My advice that I would give to producers that patience is key, try to create your own sound, and do not try to get huge placements. Try to work with artists that you think have potential in and build a relationship with them. If you have a unique sound and work with people that have the potential to make a name in the industry, people will hear that, and you will start a new wave."

Levy's Links

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