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PopstarBenny: Producer of the week

Hey everybody, welcome to the third installment of Producer of the Week, where I take a producer and tell you guys about them and expose you to their music.

This week's producer is Popstar Benny

About Popstar

Popstar Benny is a 24 producer, DJ, and graphic designer based out of Atlanta. He first started producing in 7th grade following in one of his idols footsteps, Soulja Boy. \

"I was a huge Soulja Boy fan so when I found out he was making his beats on FL I downloaded it and never looked back."

In early 2019, Popstar landed a Rod Wave placement on the song "Let me Down" off his album Hunger Games. Besides working with Rod, Popstar is also focusing on the new upcoming artists in Atlanta and enjoys helping these artists get into the industry such as Tony Shhnow, Turls, and Jelani Imani. He releases music with these upcoming artists on his Soundcloud page, Popstar FM.

"As far as accomplishments, i’d say being able to be apart of helping introduce the new class of Atlanta artists is one I hold near and dear, being able to work with some of the rising talent in the industry is nice too."

Popstar's Style

Popstar take's influence from anime culture and flips it with trap style drums patterns and also takes trap melodies and makes them sound like they are from old vintage video games

"For my production style, I tend to think of it as oxymoronic! like how can I take the cutest anime sounding melody and pair it with the heaviest drums or how can I make some trap melody sound like it came out of a SNES game. I think that comes from DJ’ing, and how when blending two songs you get some wild combination of genres / styles you wouldn’t immediately consider."

Advice from Popstar

"My advice to upcoming producers, is less is more on beats, early in people wanna prove how huge they can make a track but you have to leave room for the artist. That can apply to mixing, leaving the sonic space for the voice as the last instrument to shine through, or just the amount of sounds, where having less sounds will free up the metaphorical guidelines of the beat so that they can approach it in unique ways."

Popstar's Links

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