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RBNSN: Producer of the Week

Hey everybody, welcome to the sixth installment of Producer of the Week, where I take a producer and tell you guys about them and expose you to their music.

This week's producer is RBNSN.


RBNSN (Mykal Moffett) is a 22 year old producer based out of New Haven, CT. His producing roots date back to when he attended Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, being a part of band class. He played drums but he wasn't fully satisfied with only playing the drums and wanted to expand his pallet. During his junior year, he began to notice that his fellow classmates would skip class sometimes and chill in the practice room. One day, he decided to follow his classmates and see what all the hype was about. It was then that everything changed when he walked in and saw everyone making beats on Logic. He found the piece that he was missing and dove in the water head first. With the help of his friends Vici, Kaylib and Kavali, RBNSN learned how to use the program and has been making music ever since.

RBNSN's Style

RBNSN produces all genres of music but his favorite to make is hip hop and R&B music. He incorporates the signature OutofTune bounce on his drum patterns over theory packed melodic and smooth melodies. RBNSN takes influence from producers such as Kanye and Tyler the Creator.

"My biggest inspirations musically are Kanye West, Tyler The Creator, Timbaland, and Just Blaze. They all have their own signature sound that can captivate any audience. I strive to have that same signature sound. I want people to hear the beat drop and be like “Oh that’s a RBNSN Production. I want to be considered one of the greats when it’s all said and done. I wanna be on the Mount Rushmore of producers. I need my Grammy."

RBNSN's Advice

"Some advice I’d give young producers is to never let anybody tell you you’re not good enough. Don’t ever get discouraged in your craft. You may think that there are better people out there but you have to always understand that music is an art. Something might sound great to someone and trash to the next. Stay in your lane and just keep excelling in your art."

RBNSN's Links

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