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SkitzoBeats1200: Producer of the Week

Hey everybody, welcome to the fifth installment of Producer of the Week, where I take a producer and tell you guys about them and expose you to their music.

This week's producer is Skitzobeats1200 ($B).

About $B

$B, Dylan Duenas, is a 22 years old producer based out of San Diego, California. He started producing when he was 15 years ago, taking inspiration from his brother who was a rapper at the time. Since he was a rapper, he wanted to create beats for his brother and his journey began. Using FL studio, he worked on his craft for years and developed his own style and sound that got the attention of some pretty big artists. With his unique sound, he attracted rappers such as FBG Duck, Rob Stone, UnotheActivest and more. He received his first industry placement on Famous Dex's debut album Dex meets Dexter, producing the tracks "DEADPOOL" and "THESE DAYS". When I asked $B where he wants to go with music he had this to say.

"As far as I can, I would like to eventually be able to live off of it. Either way we staying extremely humble out here no matter what happens.. Gotta stay grounded and stay focused and live right!"

$B Style

$B says he makes "trap" music but his uniqueness comes from his innovative and intricate drums bounces and his unorthodox melodies which are all originally played by him. He takes inspiration from producers such as Boi1da, OZ, Vinylz, CuBeatz, and Murda.

"I like to make "trap" stuff I guess you can call it but I like music with a lot of bells, guitars, flutes, pianos and ambient weird sounds.

I like when music is easy to make because it's easier to listen to."

$B's Advice

"Just keep going no matter what if you're passionate about it and also do music for the right reasons- never do it for attention or money! Also building relationships is the most important thing that has helped me so far! There's always someone that's better than you, so it's really who you know and who can help you get to where you wanna go! Everything has a price and there's no such thing as something for free! Love U my boy Tylur ! Make sure you download all my boys sample kits as well as all of his drum kits! He doin important things for the culture and the producer community so that's all I needa say.. yes sirrr!!"

$B's Links

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