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YSN Drako: Producer of the Week

Hey everybody, welcome to the eighth installment of Producer of the Week, where I take a producer and tell you guys about them and expose you to their music.

This week's producer is YSN Drako.

About Drako

Drako is a 15 year old producer based out of North Carolina. He discovered creating at a young age, playing around with the equipment that his school provided at the time. He started out rapping and stuck with that for a little bit but decided to change routes when he discovered that rappers had to pay for beats and his funds couldn't support beats at the time. So Drako did his research and decided to start producing. It was a small shift at the time but it was a decision that would change his life forever. He'd like to become the go to producer for his favorite artist Lil Uzi Vert and produce for some of the other greats in the music industry.

Drako's Style

Drako creates a variety of styles of music which include hiphop, trap, pop, but his most unique style that he has started is his own variation of trap music called Hentai Trap. Taking anime and asian culture undertones, Drako slaps trap style drums on samples and melodies of this sort to create a unique vibe that is sure to get your head movin.

Drako's Advice

"No matter what you're doin, you have to finesse it"

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